Ashland Park Custom Designed Playground

In Cherry Hill, New Jersey sits Ashland Park, the future site of this dinosaur themed, custom designed playground.  Jim Weisendanger, the Liberty Parks & Playgrounds New Jersey sales representative, worked with Cherry Hill personnel to develop the theme of this park, and then it was off to the Miracle Custom Designs department for design work.  Under Matthew Fallon’s capable leadership, the design team rose to the challenge and produced the space shown here.  You can see the results:  a super-cool dinosaur themed playground that the local children are going to love!  Our design team has produced many such projects; why not let us work with you?  What’s your dream playground?  Tell you what, get with your kids, then come talk to us.  We want to help you make your dream a reality, just like we’re doing for the kids in Ashland Park!