But does music hath charms enough to soothe even the most savage of school children?  Actually, it might!  Help us conduct some local research on that topic.  Consider adding musical equipment to your playground!  Liberty Parks & Playgrounds offers an excellent selection of Miracle Recreation pieces which are sure to promote your childs’ creativity and spark imagination.

Music is an excellent creative outlet!

Concerto Vibes: creative outlet!

The Miracle team has put together a video which shows the potential of musical interactive play.  These types of play equipment are excellent inclusive additions to your play area.  Children of all ages and abilities can come together and find an outlet for their creative energy.  And what better way to encourage collaborative development in your children?  Whether your child would prefer the congas, chimes, or vibes, we’ve got the product for you.  Purchase several pieces and have your music instructor get the chorus together for an impromptu concert.  As spring ripens to summer, the warm weather will bring the kids out for playtime.  Why not give them something different to do, and offer another opportunity for cooperative and creative play?