Playground planning part 2: Budget

Budget estimating for your playground can be a challenge, unless you have a patron with resources like Scrooge McDuck, in which case, what budget? One of the best ways to appropriate funding is to have a solid estimate for your project. Here are some things you’ll want to consider as you begin to work toward a firm budgeting number for your space.

  1. The different abilities and ages of the children who will be primary users of the space.

  2. The amount of space available for use.

  3. The parameters of the space: is this an initial structure, or will you be adding to an existing unit?

  4. The timeline for the installation.

These and other factors will influence your final budget number. We are always available for a site visit to assist you with working through issues you may encounter with designing your space and coming up with a budgetary number. Below are some pictures of completed projects. From small to supersized, we can help. Contact us to make an appointment and let’s get started!