Playground planning part 4: Fundraising

Your situation may indicate that your new playground equipment and installation will require fundraising. There are many ways to raise money, from local fundraising such as bake sales or car washes to securing a grant. The grant is a more challenging way of securing funds, requiring research and effort on your part. There are many grant opportunities out there, but you have to determine the qualifications for each to decide whether to submit an application. As a grant is a highly sought after source, there are likely to be many applicants, so don’t procrastinate. Make your best effort to present an excellent application detailing your organization’s qualifications for the grant so that you have the best chance to win the funding. In addition to grants, leasing playground equipment can also be an economically feasible option for your organization. This can assist with cash flow management, offer tax deductions, and possibly eliminate the need for grant procurement. Miracle Recreation has some helpful information about the fundraising process here.