Global School Play Day 2018

Here at Liberty, we’re concerned with the role of playtime in our kids’ lives.  Though we got rained out yesterday, you can still participate!  Here’s a brief history of the Global School Play Day.  In 2015, a small group of six educators took action and created Global School Play Day because of their concern that adults and technology were encroaching on playtime for children. Schools were eliminating or reducing recess allotments. Teachers were assigning more and more homework. Parents scheduled every waking minute for their kids. Young children were becoming addicted to their devices. The GSPD team was Inspired to take action by Dr. Peter Gray in his TEDx talk where he argues the case that today’s kids do not grow up playing, which has led to an increase in childhood depression, stress related issues, and the highest suicide rates in history. On February 4, 2015, over 65,000 children participated in the first ever Global School Play Day after only four weeks of social media promotion from those six educators.  This year, just under 400,000 students participated!

Last year, on Feb.1, 2017, the third annual Global School Play Day for students continued to spread around the world. Over 285,000 young people from 51 nations were registered by their administrators or teachers to participate. Schools from around the world stood together to say, “Unstructured play is a vital part of proper child development!”

Global School Play Day 2018 is for public schools, private schools, and homeschool families! It took place on February 7, but if you didn’t set up by then, register and play at a date which works for you and your organization.  Many are helping to spread the word about the benefits of play. Why has this movement been so well-received? Because kids have started forgetting how to play and so many educators are seeing those negative impacts and want to turn things around!  Register now, set up your future playtime, and get your kids involved!

GSPD Official Twitter Account – @GSPlayDay Hashtag: #GSPD2018 (see pictures using the hashtag #GSPD2015 or #GSPD2016 or #GSPD2017