Do we value recess enough?

Do we value recess enough?  According to this article, a new study shows that our teachers place a high value on recess.  Research indicates that time allocated for outdoor free play is well spent, bringing potential improvement in physical, emotional, social, and cognitive skill sets.  Our children are our greatest resource, and as such no opportunity to encourage their development should be overlooked.  The International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA), after commissioning this study, has released data which supports free play as an important part of a school day for the average child.  At Liberty Parks & Playgrounds, we offer excellent products with a high level of customerservice so that your play area will be functional, fun, and easy to maintain in order to promote a better quality of free play for your kids.  We’d love to get together with you and explore the options for improving and upgrading your play area so that your kids can get the most beneficial results from the play time they are able to spend as they go through each day.  Feel free to contact us to set up a walk through for your play area.