Why Inclusive Play?

All children should have the chance to experience new sights, sounds, and textures, as in the inclusive play space shown and the inclusive Alta Glider on the right.  At Liberty Parks & Playgrounds, we strive to design a space that provides an interactive experience for each child, regardless of ability level.  An inclusive play space like our Sensory Tunnel (shown) will allow all children to gather and play music, solve puzzles, and let their imaginations run free together.  Miracle Recreation is a pioneer in inclusive play areas that help kids of all ages and abilities to enjoy playing together.  Dr. Zoe Mailloux has joined Miracle Recreation in the role of occupational therapist to assist in devising more inclusive equipment.  According to Dr. Mailloux, “Play equipment must be accessible to all levels of ability and provide the essential motor experiences that make playing on them a worthwhile endeavor. All children, at the end of the day, have the same needs. The more opportunities we have to learn about our own areas of strengths, as well as our challenges, the more we develop an understanding and become more aware and supportive of others’ needs and perspectives.”  Follow the link to learn more of Dr. Mailloux’s vision for inclusive play.