Playground Games for All

What child doesn’t love recess time? I know my boys do! Playground time is a great break from the mental activity of learning. Kickball, dodge ball, tag, keep away, and countless others provide physical activity and develop coordination and social skills. My guys love that sort of thing, but what about a child with a disability? Teach your children to adapt the games to include everyone. For example, you can lower one of our Goalsetter hoops to 6’, which would make the game accessible to a child in a wheelchair. How about a treasure hunt type game? Everyone could participate, and enjoy the social and physical benefits of group play. Games such as Switch or Alligator Swamp could be adapted to include children of all abilities. You can put your kids to work figuring out how to adapt their favorite games to be more available to someone with a disability.
Why not promote these inclusive techniques to your group? Let’s give everyone a chance to play!